How Chatbots Can Increase Your Open Rates

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You will have no doubt heard about chatbots because lately everybody seems to be talking about them. As the name suggests they are bots that chat with your customers, and you can use them to automatically interact with your customers like a real person. They work very well on your sales pages for answering any questions that your visitors might have about your products, but they are also a very powerful tool on Facebook.

The good news is that setting up your first Facebook chatbot doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to cost anything, because there is a service called Manychat which you can use to make the process very simple. It’s free to use for up to 2000 subscribers and there is a drag and drop builder that you can use to create your message flows.

In this video I will give you an introduction to Manychat, explaining some of the features that it has, and go into some ways that you can effectively use it to get more opt-ins and grow your list.

There are other Facebook chatbots available, but at the moment Manychat seems to be the easiest to use and have the best features. Plus the fact that you can have up to 2000 subs for free is a great bonus.

There are paid subscription levels available if you want more than 2000, and the other benefit of this is that you can remove the Manychat branding from your messages.

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