About Me

My name is Andy and DigitaIMarketingLiftOff.com is my site.

Six years ago when I was in my mid-thirties, I was massively in debt and unempIoyed.

Having spent years trying to make a career as a musician, followed by a succession of tedious, underpaid office jobs, I had come to a critical point in my life where things needed to change.

I knew that working for somebody else just wasn’t for me, and I wanted the money and lifestyle that you can only obtain when you run your own successful online business.

I was convinced that if I put my mind to it, I could do it, although I had no idea where to start.

That’s when I decided to start learning.

I studied everything that I could find about how to start an online empire. I learnt about SEO, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, selling my own products online, sociaI media, email list building, video marketing… the list goes on.

A few weeks later I made my first dollar online, and it was the most important dollar that I have ever earned. It made me realise that anything was possible, and it gave me the determination to carry on, no matter what.

Six years later, and my online businesses have generated over 10 million dollars in sales.

True, it hasn’t always been plain saiIing, and I am still learning today, but through this website, I’m hoping that I can pass on some of the knowledge I have gained along the way.

How I Got Started

The truth is that I didn’t come up with a ground breaking new product, or invent a new marketing method, I simply took action instead of just thinking about it.

In fact, the industry that I started out in (discount coupons), was already well established and highly competitive by the time that I got involved, however I didn’t let that stop me.

Setting up a profitable online business is hard work, and anybody who tells you otherwise is lying, but if you are determined to do it, you will succeed, as long as you listen to the right people.

After setting up my first website and marketing it on a shoestring, I started to see my sales increase, and was able to reinvest what I was earning into the business.

It was a huge learning curve, and many Google updates followed, forcing me to find new ways to hold on to my position in the search results.

I have tried just about every kind of online marketing method that you can think of, some which have worked, and some which have been a complete waste of time and money.

That’s why I’m using this newsletter to share what I have learnt with people who are in the same position that I was in just six years ago.

In the coming days I would like to let you in on some of the methods and tools that I have used and found to be the most effective.

Thanks and enjoy the site,