5 Common and Costly PPC Mistakes

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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be a great way to drive traffic to your website without replying on organic search traffic. The benefits of it are that you do not need to spend months doing SEO in order to see the results, and you can target your ads directly towards the right people. However, if you are new to it, you can easily make mistakes and end up spending a fortune without getting much return for your money. Here are five common PPC mistakes that you need to look out for.

 1. Do Not Assume That Everyone Bidding On a Keyword Is Making Profit From It

If you have ever set up a PPC campaign on Google or one of the other search engines and wondered how on earth people are managing to make a profit from it because the cost per click is so high, chances are that they are not actually making a profit. Some companies, especially leading ones will bid on keywords in order to win them placement at any cost and deter competition from trying. If they are making enough money from other keywords or from other sources of traffic, they see this as a worthwhile expense to keep their name on top, whatever the cost.

If you find yourself up against some of these companies, it might be better to focus on other keywords, because you will never beat them unless you want to lose money.

2. Do Not Forget To Bid On Your Brand Name

If you are coming top of the organic search results for your brand name, you might think that there is no point in bidding on it for PPC, however this is a common mistake. When your competitors bid on your brand name they are stealing traffic away from you, right under your nose and the only way to stop them is to bid on your own name. ¬†Also, bidding on your competitors brand names is a good way to get extra traffic, especially if they aren’t doing it.

3. Make Sure You Track Conversions Properly

One of the most important things to get right when you are engaging in PPC is your conversion tracking. You need to make sure that you are tracking every sale that have come from PPC, along with the keywords that lead to the sale, and eventually you can fine tune your campaigns so that you only bid on the best converting keywords.

4. Make Sure Your Campaign Is Mobile Friendly

If you are bidding on keywords on all devices and the page that you are driving the traffic to is not mobile friendly, yo might as well be flushing your money down the toilet. Gone are the days when the majority of people search on a desktop or laptop, and you need to ensure that your website looks great all every different device.

5. Set a Daily Limit On Spend

This is particularly important at the beginning of a new campaign when you are still unsure as to which keywords will convert the best for you. Failure to set a daily limit which you are comfortable with can result in a huge amount of clicks that are worthless to you yet cost you an absolute fortune. When you start a new campaign, make sure that you play it safe and keep a very close eye on what you are spending.